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Re-loving Kathak

I’m finding new delight in the classic bollywood numbers that have such vibrant Kathak in them, especially rendered by Madhuri Dixit. I used to NOT like how fast it was, but now, for some reason I love it. Maybe I’ve been over bollywoodized but I wouldn’t trade this me for the other me. I was “so much older then…..” (thanks Bob Dylan). Speaking of tradition, hasn’t He become one. Which of course applies to Kathak. It wasn’t ALWAYs a tradition. it grew, as all things do, no matter how ancient. they do grow. And … Continue Reading

Moving People

I got asked again to lead Janet Attwood’s Advanced Passion Test retreat in bollywood group dancing. I performed Chaiyya Chaiyya for them and then we all danced together for about 30 minutes at the McElhaney House,  to some of my favorite follow-along routines.  I got this comment the next day from a woman on the course:

Thank you so much for bringing Bollywood dancing to our “Live Your Destiny” weekend. I have been trying to find something that would excite me enough to push through the pain in my body to get my joints moving again. You have given me that … Continue Reading

Creativity & Tradition towards spirituality in dance

I believe that the most sacred dance, the dance that could awaken someone’s whole Being to come alive, that dance would be perfect in its geometry, spontaneous in it’s rendering, unpredictable yet organic and flowing yet precise, free yet intelligent.  I have been pondering what makes a dance “sacred” for years.  I believe in learning a discipline, yet reaching a point where there is freedom to create something entirely new, a new combination or a new move, but I think it’s important that dance obey natural laws.  Beauty of line should be there. Why? because geometry has a positive influence … Continue Reading