Moving People

I got asked again to lead Janet Attwood’s Advanced Passion Test retreat in bollywood group dancing. I performed Chaiyya Chaiyya for them and then we all danced together for about 30 minutes at the McElhaney House,  to some of my favorite follow-along routines.  I got this comment the next day from a woman on the course:

Thank you so much for bringing Bollywood dancing to our “Live Your Destiny” weekend. I have been trying to find something that would excite me enough to push through the pain in my body to get my joints moving again. You have given me that gift. Dancing has always been my favorite thing to do all of my life and since being diagnosed with Rheuamatoid Arthritis 2 years ago, I haven’t been able to do my passion in a way that was consistent or that felt good. I truly enjoyed your presentation and because I enjoyed the music and the movement so much, I pushed myself beyond my limits this weekend. It hurt so good. I would be interested to know if you have any instructional DVDs or have any ideas for me on where I can get something I can work with to create a new habit and love. Thank you for your beauty and grace.
Much love to you,  (maybe not to give her name yet?)

This is why I do bollywood dance!  This is why staying in the classical would not have fulfilled me.  This is why I want to share dancing. I never think what I’m dong is all that significant, but when others are “moved” life takes on meaning and I find myself feeling more intimate with myself, with the Divine, with my life and with my unfolding future as I sense it, create it, dream it.

Thank you Janet for having me again!