Re-loving Kathak

I’m finding new delight in the classic bollywood numbers that have such vibrant Kathak in them, especially rendered by Madhuri Dixit. I used to NOT like how fast it was, but now, for some reason I love it. Maybe I’ve been over bollywoodized but I wouldn’t trade this me for the other me. I was “so much older then…..” (thanks Bob Dylan). Speaking of tradition, hasn’t He become one. Which of course applies to Kathak. It wasn’t ALWAYs a tradition. it grew, as all things do, no matter how ancient. they do grow. And I am growing in my small Kathak corner over here, having been exposed to so many youtubes and so many influences and then right now, to discover how much i love that beautiful form I managed to learn somehow here and there, but in as all-consuming way as I could at the time.

It IS such a beautiful language. I was hesitant about performing my same-ole same-ole Malkuns Tarana in the Omaha show My Experiements with Dance (now postponed to March 31st in case all my FF friends want to attend, yeah right) because i want to do something FRESH and show the application of Kathak to other contexts, but I’m glad I’m doing the Tarana, because you have to show the traiditon before you can show the new thing. You have to give the foundation again and again. i think. or maybe it comes thru anyway. But my main point right now is I do LOVE Maar Dala – I guess that’s what I want to do with my Kathak is add the slightly overkill sensuality of the film dancing into it. God Help me. Watch Maar Daala – see the costumes and the refinement AND the sparkle and the femininty. it’s quite lovely.