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Moving People

I got asked again to lead Janet Attwood’s Advanced Passion Test retreat in bollywood group dancing. I performed Chaiyya Chaiyya for them and then we all danced together for about 30 minutes at the McElhaney House,  to some of my favorite follow-along routines.  I got this comment the next day from a woman on the course:

Thank you so much for bringing Bollywood dancing to our “Live Your Destiny” weekend. I have been trying to find something that would excite me enough to push through the pain in my body to get my joints moving again. You have given me that … Continue Reading

Dressing for Dancing – lifelong passion

My first passion, that I recall, was for dressing up.  I remember being “mad” for the Candy Fashion doll and for a long green silk skirt my aunt gave me that went in my “dressup trunk.”  (I seem to remember her bringing me something from India as well, maybe a saree even.) When watching TV I’d go put on an outfit and do what the people in the show were doing.  I couldn’t watch; I had to do.  So I guess the impulse to move and the impulse to be in costume are tied together.  And now, at 53, it … Continue Reading

Bollywood Dance Education:Kathak and Kathak-based bollywood dance

New to bollywood? So was I a year ago and the thing that stands out from exploring this world is the amazing variety of styles and the high-energy enthusiasm and love that pour out of every song and dance.  Bollywood dances of course, originated with the Hindi film musical and the early films seemed to draw mostly on the two main classical dance styles: Kathak, from the North and Bharata Natyam from the South.  So for your introduction to bollywood here are a couple of links to youtube videos that feature more classic films with Kathak classical dancing.. The first … Continue Reading