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Zumba Loves Bollywood Dance!

I’m excited about Zumba teachers! They seem to want bollywood choreography! I was invited to perform and lead bollywood dancing at a recent conference in Cedar Rapids. They were enthusiastic and the result is a workshop on June 30th for Zumba teachers. It’s an unexpected avenue for teaching. Instructors from all over Iowa are attending. I still have to find a location! I was so melted by their enthusiasm and appreciation. The workshop will be three hours long and I’ll share some of my favorite songs and follow-along routines with them. You just … Continue Reading

Moving People

I got asked again to lead Janet Attwood’s Advanced Passion Test retreat in bollywood group dancing. I performed Chaiyya Chaiyya for them and then we all danced together for about 30 minutes at the McElhaney House,  to some of my favorite follow-along routines.  I got this comment the next day from a woman on the course:

Thank you so much for bringing Bollywood dancing to our “Live Your Destiny” weekend. I have been trying to find something that would excite me enough to push through the pain in my body to get my joints moving again. You have given me that … Continue Reading

Dressing for Dancing – lifelong passion

My first passion, that I recall, was for dressing up.  I remember being “mad” for the Candy Fashion doll and for a long green silk skirt my aunt gave me that went in my “dressup trunk.”  (I seem to remember her bringing me something from India as well, maybe a saree even.) When watching TV I’d go put on an outfit and do what the people in the show were doing.  I couldn’t watch; I had to do.  So I guess the impulse to move and the impulse to be in costume are tied together.  And now, at 53, it … Continue Reading